SAP, Microsoft and OpenText partner
TerraLink - Global
Collaboration with itMegastar started from prototyping mobile UIs within presales. In 12 months itMegastar completed over 5 projects for TerraLink mostly related to mobile development.
Large SAP, Microsoft and OpenText partner
TerraLink is a large system integration company employing over 700 professionals with offices in California, Toronto, Dubai, Almaty, Moscow, and Tel-Aviv, which specializes in implementation of Enterprise solutions based SAP, Microsoft, OpenText, and other platforms. ItMegastar developed a number of mobile applications, built a unified framework and middleware.
Customer situation
TerraLink is focusing on industry solutions, and employing technology professionals in Oil & Gas, Telco, Energy, Retail and other industries. TerraLink's customers require mobile solutions for OpenText integrated with SAP with tailored functionality and individual UI design and intuitive user experience. To tackle this TerraLink required professional expertise in mobile development to offer their customers seamless experience of SAP and OpenText products both in web and mobile. Company was either looking to develop such competence in-house or to outsource this to a contractor with experience.
Development of mobile expertise in-house required investment, since before implementation itself a significant of presale had to be done - a series of iterations with figma designs, interactive prototypes on one hand, and on the other hand, mobile expertise is not about hiring only one person to cover mandatory requirement of customers: you have to have at least three kind of resources: Android developers, iOS developers and UI designed with mobile experience.
itMegastar came to be a best fitting partner for this endeavor matching all mandatory criteria:

  • Having extensive design and development expertise for both android and iOS
  • Ready to actively participate and invest in presale, prototyping solutions for end customers
  • Having prior enterprise experience with large and highly integrated projects
  • Ready to mobilize team quickly as required by end customers
  • Ready to mirror contractual obligations, sharing responsibilities to the end customer
Within a 12 months period itMegastar completed 5 projects for TerraLink, and collaboration continues. Projects included pure mobile development, middleware development for mobile usage, system integration, and prototyping within presales.